“Beautiful Girl” EP

“Beautiful Girl” is the EP that I recorded in the Spring of 2007 of the songs that I had written that preceding winter.  Here you are able to listen to the tracks, download the ‘mp3s and chord charts, and read a little bit about each song.  I have included both a short little blurb about each song that I wrote for the printing of the CD and also a blog entry that I wrote for each song.  I will also add a thing or two on the main blog entry on this website announcing the online availability of these tracks.

About The Record

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From the CD: “The tracks on this CD are all rough cuts of songs that I wrote / rewrote recently.  If I had had more time, I probably would have mixed things slightly differently and rerecorded a couple of parts where the wrong note is played or my voice is out of tune.  Still, I am quite happy with the way they turned out, and I hope that you will get at least some enjoyment listening to them.”

Blog Entry, 09/15/07: “Last December, I had several things going on that inspired me to write several songs.  Shortly thereafter, I was taking a class at the local community college that gave me access to some pretty decent recording equipment.  I thought, “What the heck!  Why don’t I go ahead and record the songs that I have written?”  So I recruited my buddy Joe to help me out.  I play the rhythm guitar, percussion, and provide the vocals on all of the tracks.  Joe plays the mandolin, bass, harmonica, and lead guitar.

“So I’m neither an amazing musician nor an outstanding sound engineer, but given the limited time that I had available, I’m pretty happy with how things turned out.  Mostly, I’m proud of the quality of the song writing.  If I had more time, I would probably rerecord and remix several parts, but that time wasn’t available to me.  Still, it sounds pretty good to me.

“Take a listen if you want, or don’t.  Whatever.  But each of these songs is written from my heart and has a story behind it.  I will elaborate more on each song in future blog entries.  Until then, peace out!”


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From the CD: “I originally wrote this song for a girl that I worked with a few years back.  It is loosely based on a true story.  One day at work, I was commenting that there is a song about everybody and every situation.  She told me that there wasn’t a song about here.  I told her that I would either think of one or write one myself.  So Kayla, here is your song!

Blog Entry, 09/15/07: “The first song on my short album, “Kayla”, is about an experience I had around eight years ago.  The story goes something like this . . .

“I had been away from my home town of Lander, WY, attending college at Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, ID.  When I returned to college in September of ’99, I left behind a girlfriend whom I was very much in love with.  The whole long distance thing didn’t work out, though, and I ended up being broken up with very bitterly.

“So, I had returned home during Christmas break and resumed my job as a supervisor at the local McDonald’s Restaurant.  My ex worked there, too, which made things pretty difficult.  One of my biggest supports during that experience was another coworker named Kayla.  I don’t think that I could have made it through Christmas break without her and a couple of other people that God provided in my life at just the right time.

“Anybody who’s ever worked with me knows that I like to sing.  I’ve never claimed to sing well, but I still enjoy doing it.  Whatever song comes to mind, whether I like it or not, gets sung by me as I go around doing my thing.  As I was going through the stressful situation of working with my ex, who at the time I still loved very much, I forced myself to be even sillier than normal and appear happier than I ever am in order to hide what was going on inside.  One time, I was explaining to Kayla that a song can be sung about every person and every situation.  She told me that there weren’t any songs about a Kayla.  I told her that I would think of one, and if I didn’t, I would write it myself.

“One day, I was in the office doing some bookwork when my ex came in and told me that Joe and Shane (her new boyfriend and her brother) wanted to talk to me.  I was like, “Yeah, whatever,” in my mind, but after a minute I left the office to go see what they wanted.  As I came out of the office, they were walking away, and I never ended up talking to them.  I found out later that right before I left the office, Kayla had gone up to the counter and said something like this to them:  “You guys don’t want to say “Hi” to Lucas; you want to be mean to Lucas, and I’m not going to let you.  Lucas is my friend.  If you’re mean to Lucas, I’m going to [expletive] you up!”

“So, that experience provided me with something to write about.  I initially wrote it right away when I got back to college, but some of the lyrics were kind of cheesy.  Last winter, when I caught the “writing bug”, I thought to myself, “I should rewrite my song about Kayla.”  Now, whether she ever has a chance to hear it or not, there is, indeed, a song called “Kayla”.”

When Will I Ever Find Love?

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From the CD: “I am usually content with my perpetual state of singleness, but every now and then, I’m not so much.  Thus song is me being the most emotionally honest that I’ve ever been.  (That usually doesn’t happen very often.)”

Blog Entry: 12/29/07: “So, it’s been about 3 1/2 months and I’m finally getting back to this.  “When Will I Ever Find Love?” is the second song on my album, and it is the first one that I wrote (other than “Kayla”, which was initially written almost eight years ago now).

“This song is the most emotionally honest that I have ever been.  I usually wear a facade of cheerfulness (and I am really a pretty content and cheerful person), however, deep inside me, there is a level of discontent.  The discontent stems from my perpetual state of singleness.

“My greatest fear in life is rejection.  I do not fear public speaking, heights, spiders, snakes, or even death, but the word “No” is one of the scariest things that I’ve ever encountered.  This isn’t just in the case of relationships; it’s in everything.  Whenever there is the possibility of somebody telling me “no”, I fear doing whatever might bring about that possibility.

“As I grow older, I am learning how to control that fear, but it still hasn’t happened in the case of romantic interests.  The one time that I did pursue a relationship, I had absolutely no doubts in my mind that the answer would be “yes”, and it was still one of the scariest things that I’ve ever done.  When I went through the experience of the painful breaking of that relationship, my fear of rejection in the case of relationships was greatly increased.  It has been a number of years since then, and I have encountered several women that I was interested in (and who I suspect may have been interested in me), but I absolutely refuse to expose myself to the possibility of rejection and going through the pain that I went through many years ago again.

“So, that all basically describes the emotions behind the writing of this song.  At the time I wrote it, I was very much attracted to a certain girl.  (She was the subject of my song “Beautiful Girl”, which I will blog about later.)  Whether or not she had any real attraction to me, I didn’t know then, don’t know now, and probably never will know, but her interaction with me made it seem that she might.  However, once again my fear reared it’s ugly head, and I ran away from the possibility of rejection like the coward that I am.

“I hope that someday I’ll be able to overcome this fear, and the final verse of the song gives my prayer and positive outlook that this will someday happen.  However, if it never does, I will still remain content in my service to God, and though I may have a certain longing and emptiness deep inside of me, someday this, along with all other pains experienced in this life, will be healed.”

Beautiful Girl

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From the CD: “It has been my observation that high quality girls have a tendency of getting stuck with deadbeats.  This song could apply to many different people that I’ve known, but it was inspired by one specific “beautiful girl” that I worked with for a while.”

Blog Entry, 02/12/08: “So, to resume my explanations of the songs on my album . . .

“Beautiful Girl is the third track on my record.  One of the saddest things that I ever witness is when intelligent, beautiful, funny, pleasant, and all around decent girls (you know, the kind of girl you want to be around more and more just because being in her presence is so enjoyable) get stuck in relationships with guys who are jerks to them.  This is the one time that otherwise smart girls display utter ignorance.  These girls are always complaining to you about what a jerk “he” is, but they never seem to realize that “he” will never stop being a jerk as long as she keeps putting up with his crap.

“This song is about one such girl.  Because this was fairly recently, I won’t go into any details.  I’ll just say that it was somebody that I cared about a great deal that just couldn’t seem to recognize the trap that she allowed herself to get stuck in.

“I chose this song to be the title track of my album because my interactions with this girl are what led me to being inspired to write (and rewrite, in the case of Kayla) these songs.  So I guess, in a way, this album is dedicated to this beautiful girl (who will remain unnamed), or at least my memories of her since she now lives elsewhere.”

I Can’t Promise

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From the CD: “No, I didn’t write this song with any specific person in mind, but I hope that it will be a love song to my future wife (should I ever be blessed enough to have one).  The emotions expressed are what I imagine mine will be.”

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  1. Donalee Phillips says:

    I like the beat and rythm to this song. I write an occassional song too…in Bluegrass or folk style. Like the “jamaican drums” though 🙂

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